VEB Solutions provides solutions that implement intelligent infrastructure thus enabling your business to deliver high performance. Whether focused on strategies for business, technology or operations, VEB Solutions has the people, skills and experience to effectively shape client value. We offer solutions with an emphasis on business and technology, leveraging our deep industry experience.

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We at VEB Solutions work with you in building a vision which helps in transforming business to the next level. Our experts work in line with your dream and provide guidance where needed.

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Business Strategy


We collaborate with our clients at the planning level of the processes, with a focus on enriching and progressing the talent, proficiency and personal strengths of each member. This includes in-depth skill building in active listening, guided discovery and relationship development. VEB Solutions discovers all vital aspects which enables a company to produce better results.


VEB Solutions provides a portfolio of strategic, analytical and operational service strategy solutions and services that help clients raise their performance levels and increase profitability. Our services are supported by tested methods and tools for solution delivery and operations management.


Consulting Services

VEB Consulting Services will provide you benefit by accessing high-impact business processes, leading-edge practices, solution configurations practices, and solution configurations. Using our implementation methodology, our certified consultants take a phased approach that ensures your implementation and upgrades are completed on time, within budget and with minimum risk.

Using our implementation methodology, we assure repeatable results from requirement gathering to successful implementation and support.
VEB consultants are not focused on installing software, but on specifying and optimizing the right technology infrastructure and processes you need to solve your most pressing competitive challenges. We present complementary business process improvements that positions your business for not only a full return on investment — but continuous, ongoing financial results.
Our implementation methodology is a four step process which includes:

Managed Services

Our Managed Services help you rapidly scale your business operations. VEB Solutions enable organizations to leverage their investments to extend into the cloud with greater value, choice, and confidence. We deliver enterprise-grade, end-to-end managed services across portfolio of business applications, middleware, database, and hardware technologies.

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