A Requirements Management Team can be engaged as a dedicated, temporary or part-time resource to manage the fulfillment of the requirements throughout the project. These requirements managers will work together with the Project Manager, Stakeholders, and the Project Team to ensure the requirements (and the software and systems designed/integrated or implemented) are aligned with the business needs. A Requirements Management Consultant can also work with your project team using in-house or industry standard Requirements Management, Application Lifecycle Management and Visual Modeling tools to manage and administer the requirements and change process through design, testing and development. IAG's Requirements Consultants are seasoned experts in Business Analysis, Requirements Management and Software Engineering. We use best practices and the leading tools to ensure your software and systems are delivered to meet your business requirements.

Seamlessly enable multimedia based technologies

Seamlessly enable multimedia based technologies

Business Analysis Consultancy

Business Analysis (BA) has become a practice important to the success of any organization. iConsult has worked with client organizations as they adopt this concept and helped them to successfully integrate Business Analysis into their organizations. Our senior consultants are experts at implementing Business Analysis Best Practice as well as providing support for other BA initiatives. iConsult offers a suite of dynamic consulting solutions across our Business Analysis.


In today's fast changing world, communication service providers are facing various challenges ranging from high capital investments, increasing customer churn and market consolidation to emergence of new technologies. These challenges are compelling service providers to focus explicitly on processes and their practical implementation through business process automation. With the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and telecommunications, new services being rolled out to customers require new business models and processes to keep pace with changing customer requirements, competition and technology advances.

Seamlessly enable multimedia based technologies

Seamlessly enable multimedia based technologies


Solution Provider company. We architect the solutions for our clients. We call ourselves as solution architects instead of software architects is because we provide business centric software architecting services. Being specialized in the product development, we realize the importance of having right software architecture. Software architecture is a blue-print of the software; it is a foundation of the software. Architecture defines major components, their relationships, structure, behavior and rational behind it. It generally includes technology platform, physical architecture, software architecture, network architecture with all non-functional software requirements addressed.


Enhanced Deployment Services

From initial implementation strategy to full solution optimization, our most comprehensive deployment services help ensure your products align to your business and security objectives.

Essential Deployment Packages

Focusing on the plan, design, and implement phases of your deployment, these services include basic implementation and knowledge transfer needed to get you up and running with your McAfee security solution.

Seamlessly enable multimedia based technologies

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